What Establishing A Morning Routine Can Do For Your Day

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things shall be added unto you." -Matthew 6:33

Picture this: You sleep through your alarm clock. You happen to roll over and look at the clock and you have twenty minutes to get to work. You jump us so fast, you fall out of bed. Then you get to the car, and realize you left your keys in the house. Crappy way start to your day right?

Truth is, there are always things that can and will go wrong throughout your day. That's life. But what if you made a conscious effort to start your day on the right foot? I've found that setting the tone of my day in the morning helps me to be better prepared for whatever comes my way, good or bad.

Here's some morning practices that help me crush my day:

1) Morning Prayer

Giving God thanks for another beautiful day and another night's sleep is pivotal. It sets the tone that you are blessed and thought of. Prayer puts God at the forefront. Looking to him first is a reminder that He can do anything. I spend the first few moments of my day thanking Him and praising Him for how great He is. My heart smiles, and I'm ready to take on the day.

2) Meditation

Every morning, I meditate for ten to fifteen minutes using the Abide app. It's a Christian mediation app that has daily meditations and stories surrounding the Word of God. There's something about having the Word of God spoken over you. It puts me in a great mood, filling me with the love of Christ.

3) Read Scripture

Reading the bible in the morning helps me feel more connected to God. It feeds me and fuels me. It sustains me. Whether it's a bible plan or a chapter of a passage, setting time apart to lean into God's word in the morning is how I am able to get through the day.

4) Make Your Bed

Let's face it, most mornings I would roll out of bed and just go. However, making my bed in the morning helps me feel clear and settled. Studies show that making your bed in the morning can give you a sense of accomplishment. If you can accomplish this task, whose to say you can't accomplish something else??

Crushing your day could be as simple as setting your alarm clock fifteen minutes earlier to center and spend time with God. For you, that could look like the things listed above, or it could be totally different. What's most important is that you take time prior to the craziness of your day to settle, reset and get fueled. Then, sons and daughters, go out into the world and be all who God created you to be.

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